The Road to Cherry Lane

About the Name ... 

Are you asking, why LT Cherry Lane?  Well, it took a while to agree on a name but the idea of a happy place where people come to experience rich colors, joy and creative expression was something we settled on.  There's a lot going on in our songwriting world.  We have not limited ourselves to one style nor do we appeal to one kind of people.  We're out here on Cherry Lane dancing with anyone who can resonate with our music.  By the way, "LT" is an acronym for Leon and Tina and it was added because we needed distinction from other entities that shared the name, Cherry Lane.

Back Story  

How we got here! We reconnected at an intersection on Facebook. Leon had been looking for a singer-songwriter to sing on a slew of his new tracks and I had been writing and producing inspirational music. We were like a song factory. Quickly, we released a 4 song cd and formed a band “The Connection” to perform the songs live. The band consisted of Leon Johnson (bass) Gemi Taylor (guitar), Dave Vasquez- (keyboards), Valerie Fiddmont (keyboards & vocals) and Sean Johnson (drums). The performance at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood was recorded and streamed live after one rehearsal. The fabulous Amina Walls and Jennifer Harrell joined us on background vocals. What a night!” 

During COVID, unable to perform, Leon and Tina dove into writing new songs. Some of those tunes are being released under the name LT Cherry Lane.